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Oilfield Reservoir Souring

Rawwater is the leading specialist in oilfield reservoir souring. We provide oil operators, service companies and chemical suppliers around the world access to our advanced forecasting modelling capabilities and unrivaled high-pressure, reservoir souring simulation studies to determine suitable approaches for microbial mitigation. Using our tailored souring services, companies can be confident in their sustainable treatment strategies to reduce both risk and cost, ensuring asset integrity for the future.

  • Earliest-possible indication of future reservoir souring

  • Early, cost-effective mitigation strategies

  • Backed by unrivalled reservoir souring simulation databases

  • From the leading name in souring forecasting services

Matt Streets

Head of Division and Senior Research Scientist

Our services include…

Souring Forecasting and Modelling

Our DynamicTVS© (TVS = Thermal Viability Shell) predictive oilfield reservoir souring modelling statistical program uses operational and reservoir survey data to forecast the production of highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) over the lifetime of a reservoir. Such is the strength of the program’s database, DynamicTVS© can also be used to provide guidance regarding the likelihood of souring at the earliest stages of field planning and development
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Extreme Environment Souring Simulation Studies

Our UK-based research centre is equipped with specially constructed pressurised bioreactors to simulate the downhole world. Subjecting native crude oil to the pressure and temperature conditions as found within an asset, we design bespoke reservoir and waterflood simulations to establish whether or not problematic microbiological sulfide production will occur. We have been conducting pressurised bioreactor studies since 2006 and have amassed what is widely believed to be world’s largest oilfield souring dataset.
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Workshops and Consultancy

With unrivalled knowledge of the design of and materials used across injection and production facilities, we provide workshops, training courses and consultancy services in the fields of souring, water chemistry and souring control. Workshops and training are available at venues globally. We also assist academia with consultancy services regarding H₂S issues, water chemistry and souring control.
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Online Tools

Rawwater microbiological souring services customers benefit from a range of specialist online tools, as well as access to their projects in our secure Client Area. Our online tools include Z-pred – our H₂S partitioning calculator, and Metabolo – our microbiological carbon utilisation calculator. ‘Read more’ to see the calculators in action.
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