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M3 Deployment Methods

Deployment Methods

M3 deployment methods include M3Spray – a kinetic molten alloy spray which is available with a range of hose lengths for manual or remote application, and M3CollarCast – a process that uses specially designed casting collar moulds for the application of rapidly curing molten alloy seals around pipes, joints and flanges. Bespoke leak sealing solutions can be created for specific challenges and a process to apply M3 alloys under water is also in development.

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The M3Spray uses kinetic energy to apply our low-melting-point alloys. 

The sprayed alloy solidifies instantly to seal holes and cracks, including both positive and negative pressure leaks. Operating at low temperature (<150degC), the M3 process offers exciting opportunities to recover flowing leaks. The solidified spray can easily be removed by re-heating. As application parameters depend on individual leak scenarios, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

M3CollarCast – alloy casting collar

Repairs to pipework, joints, seals and flanges are achieved rapidly by using our bespoke and reusable M3CollarCast alloy casting collars. With M3CollarCast, pre-set alloy can be re-melted and cast in-situ. Alternatively, liquid alloy can be injected into the collar mould. Both techniques provide rapid leak recovery. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Solutions

Because different leaks, fractures, cracks and substrates can require different solutions, we also offer tailored leak-sealing technologies and application techniques as required. Calling on our extensive in-house testing and product development capability, we provide feasibility testing through to detailed testing, as well as bespoke sealing development through to site deployment – all to meet the most specific of customer requirements.

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