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M3 Molten Metal Manipulation

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Rawwater leads the way in the design, formulation and application of high-integrity, reversible metal seals for leak recovery and defect repair in industrial settings ranging from nuclear decommissioning to electricity transmission. Called M3 Molten Metal Manipulation, our technology comprises specially developed low-melting-point, reversible alloy seals and application techniques for the rapid recovery of leaks and cracks in civil structures, seals, joints, flanges and pipelines, as well as planned preventive maintenance.

M3 Molten Metal Manipulation at a glance:

  • Fully reversible low-temperature process

  • Can be applied against flowing leaks, without the need to shut down processes

  • Manual and remote (robotised) application techniques

  • Compatible with both gas and liquid leaks

Kat Lennox

Managing Director of Rawwater Applied Technology

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A low-temperature molten alloy spray for sealing a range of leaks and substrates.
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For application around pipes, joints and flanges.
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M3 Example Uses

Providing rapid repairs and fully reversible, M3 Molten Metal Manipulation is suitable for a wide range of leak-sealing challenges.
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