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As a customer of our microbiological souring services division, you will benefit from a number of specialised, industry leading online tools – as well as access to your oilfield reservoir souring projects in our secure Client Area.

Simple and straightforward to use, our online tools enable you to input a variety of reservoir data to better understand the souring propensity and sulfide generation from a particular system. Our online tools include Z-pred – our H₂S partitioning calculator, and Metabolo – our microbiological carbon utilisation calculator.

Metabolo VFA-to-Sulfide Consumption Calculator

Our Metabolo calculator rapidly computes an anticipated sulfide concentration from volatile fatty acid (VFA) oxidation. Try our free ‘lite’ version of the calculator.

Z-pred Sulfide-Partitioning Calculator

Essential for understanding the severity of oilfield reservoir souring, the Rawwater Z-pred calculator computes equilibrium sulfide concentrations in aqueous, oil and gas phases for any temperature, pressure and water chemistry. See example Z-pred data.

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