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Rawwater's Pressurised Bioreactor Facility Contributes To Major Souring Treatment Studies

As the leading authority in the field of oilfield reservoir souring forecasting, simulation and mitigation, our knowledge and expertise is gaining attention. At ISMOS-8, on 8th June 2021, Nora Eibergen of IFF Microbial Control gave a presentation entitled ‘Novel Glutaraldehyde-based Formulations for Remediation and Control of Reservoir Souring’, which highlighted how Rawwater’s pressurised bioreactor facility was used to establish the efficacy of innovative glutaraldehyde formulations in simulated downhole conditions.

Only a few weeks earlier, at the AMPP (the Association for Materials Protection and Performance) Corrosion 2021 Conference and Expo, a presentation by Anthony F Mitchell of Equinor ASA, considered the results of a recent study into the effect of cessation of nitrate treatment in high-volume seawater injection systems, and the impact on sulfide generation.

Bioreactor checkingIn both instances, Rawwater pressurised bioreactor studies provided clear, tangible evidence of the benefits to service companies and operators of using our UK-based facility for conducting valuable, highly cost-effective oilfield reservoir souring analysis prior to treatment in the field.

In addition to pressurised bioreactor studies, we also operate DynamicTVS© – a predictive oilfield reservoir software modelling program that can determine if, when and to what extent a reservoir will sour as a result of microbial activity. Developed over many years, DynamicTVS© uses operational, planning and survey data to generate future profiles of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in all phases under any temperature and pressure conditions.

DynamicTVS© and our pressurised bioreactor suites provide complementary technologies. Forecasts from the modelling program are used to verify the findings of our pressurised bioreactor studies. Additionally, bioreactor data is fed back into DynamicTVS©, making it the industry standard for H2S forecasting in oilfield reservoirs.