Rawwater Bismuth Plugs

Bismuth Plugs

Why Bismuth?

Low melting point alloys such as bismuth can be applied easily with little heat input to the substrate and expand on solidification to form a very tight seal. The low viscosity of the molten alloy enables penetration into porous substrates with pore throats as tight as 25 microns, with expansion on solidification for a gas-tight seal. The high density of the alloy displaces water to enable sealing underwater or against large leaks, while being easily removed by re-melting, if required. The bismuth casting process only takes hours, as opposed to days for cement to set - a factor that is even more significant offshore, as a costly rig vessel is not required.

As an example of the capabilities of bismuth, a 3' (0.91m) bismuth plug can readily outperform a conventional cement seal, which - by comparison - may be up to 500' (152m) in length.

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solidified bismuth

Bismuth alloy expands on solidification

Bismuth plugs can readily outperform conventional cement seals and be cast in hours, not days.