Rawwater Rock Anchors

The rock-solid solution

The need to rapidly deploy expanding anchor bolts underwater for tethered structures drove this latest Rawwater innovation. Deployed using a self-contained pyrotechnic charge, once set Rawwater 6” diameter Rock Anchors require a tensile load of 170,000 pounds to pull them from the rock.

The specifications for Rawwater Rock Anchors relate to the tonnage to failure, and ‘RA75 above’ is our benchmark. Our smallest Rock Anchor, the RA8, is suitable for light coastal marine use. However a ‘monster’ Rawwater RA1000 Rock Anchor is under development.

Once qualified, the RA1000 Rock Anchor will be a geotechnical breakthrough and limited only by the bedrock’s capacity to withstand the radial load delivered by the expanding anchor.

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Rock Anchor Alloys

molten bismuth
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