Rawwater Bismuth Plugs

Recognising the need for a specialist alternative oil well plugging medium to cement, we have been investigating the use of bismuth alloys as a plugging medium for almost twenty years.

Eliminating common bismuth alloys, we have produced a suite of proprietary expanding metal alloys for use as high integrity seals in oil well abandonment. The alloy properties of low melting point and expansion upon solidification enable these high integrity seals to be cast in-situ, without the inherent creep issues typical of bismuth tin.

Rawwater Bismuth Plugs have been certified to ISO 14310 V0 rating (no gas leak), with a differential pressure resistance of 6,000psi (>400bar).

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Testing to the extreme

molten bismuth
We consider the standard industry test to be an inadequate indication of the extreme sealing capabilities of our bismuth plugs. For in-house qualification we, therefore, test to 2000x the required 'no bubble' period of 15 minutes.