Rawwater Alloys - Other Applications

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The very same material technologies that are used to create Rawwater well plugging and abandonment techniques can be used in a range of downhole applications.

Using similar deployment processes as with the Rawwater Bismuth Plug, we offer novel solutions to a number of particularly challenging problems, specifically where traditional technologies are simply unsuitable or struggle to perform effectively.

Applications include:

Zonal formation isolation

  • Rawwater Bismuth Plugs can be set in wells inside zonal formation perforations to isolate particular production zones to mitigate sand, water or gas production

Well integrity management

  • Rawwater's alloy technology is ideally suited to sealing difficult-to-access areas - or resolving leaks
  • Completion jewellery such as production packers or gas lift mandrels can have remedial repair using Rawwater's alloys as the isolation medium
  • Casing leak repair using alloys as a replacement for elastomeric or expandable metal straddle packers
  • Tubing hanger leak repair

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Bismuth solidified in crack

Rawwater offer novel solutions to challenging problems where traditional technologies are limited.