Rawwater Bismuth Plug

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Historic Milestones

  • Rawwater engineering department is founded by oil and gas industry expert, Dr Bob Eden, to combat the problem of leaking cement well abandonments.
  • The company receives backing from Shell International Exploration and Production (SIEP) for this work.
  • Combining his oil and gas expertise with his extensive experience in expanding metal technology, Bob invents the world’s first downhole metal-to-metal seal plugging technology: the Bismuth Plug.
  • The Bismuth Plug makes it public debut when the story of our prototype was picked up by the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, UK, where it can be seen in the Science Gallery.
  • With part funding from the UK Government, we successfully demonstrate the validity of using a pyrotechnic fuse for deploying 2" bismuth plugs.
  • SIEP introduces Rawwater to Canitron’s downhole electrical heating system.
  • Rawwater and Canitron fund development of bismuth alloy technology.
  • Workshop testing of electrically deployed 4” bismuth plugs to 5000psig (345barg) is completed.
  • Two 4" bismuth plugs are successfully installed onshore in Suffield gas field, Alberta; approved by Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB).
  • The success of the Canada project attracts the interest of the Supermajors, leading to a £1M Joint Industry Project (JIP) development programme to deliver 7" plugs for the North Sea.
  • Plug development programme externally verified and endorsed by Bureau Veritas. Attainment of Technical Readiness Level 6.
  • Two projects funded by Innovate UK commence, aiming to further develop our expertise in expanding metal seal technology.
  • Proof of Concept project in collaboration with Sellafield/NNL, our first steps into the nuclear industry.