Rawwater Bismuth Plugs

Bismuth Pligs

The Key Facts

  • Certified by Bureau Veritas as fit-for-purpose for extreme life applications in the oil and gas industry
  • Certified to ISO 14310 V0 rating (no gas leak)
  • Differential pressure resistance of 6,000psi (>400bar)
  • Tested to 2000x the required 'no bubble' period of 15 minutes
  • Alloys that can be melted and cast in underwater environments
  • Molten metal can be controlled to flow then solidify in water
  • Alloy increases in volume as it solidifies, expanding like ice
  • Controlled expansion during solidification for high integrity seals in well bore casings and leaking abandonments
  • Rapid hardening thanks to novel electric and pyrotechnic techniques
  • High corrosion resistance and no restriction on well depth
  • A reversible replacement for cement seals
  • Reduced installation times and rapid curing
  • Technologies in development for the sealing of undefined geometries

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Bismuth alloy solidified in water

Rawwater has worked with bismuth alloys for over 20 years.