Workshops and Consultancy

Workshops and Consultancy

Souring Control Training

Biogenic oil reservoir souring is experienced in most oilfields as a consequence of seawater or sulfate-containing produced water injection. Different reservoirs have different souring propensities as a result of the microbial population, water injection chemistry and the physical downhole conditions. This workshop aims to provide a better understanding of oilfield reservoir souring.

The workshop include:

  • Introduction to Reservoir Souring
  • Geological and Geochemical Souring Mechanisms
  • Biogenic Souring
  • Effects of Reservoir Conditions
  • Prediction of Souring
  • Souring Control Methodologies
  • Case Studies

Rawwater can customise the training courses and workshops based on specific requirements. If you are interested in the training courses that we provide, please contact us.

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souring control training

Understanding if, when and to what extent a reservoir will sour is essential for cost-effective facilities management.