Workshops and Consultancy

Workshops and Consultancy

DynamicTVS© and Souring Forecasting 

Accurately forecasting the extent to which a reservoir can support biological sulfide production is vital in calculating the treatment costs associated with souring control. Our Souring Forecasting Workshop introduces the application of DynamicTVS© - our industry-standard model for the forecast of oilfield reservoir souring - to enable clients to run their own sour gas planning scenarios through our web-enabled software.

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Biogenic Reservoir Souring
  • Forecasting of Souring
  • DynamicTVS©
  • Case Studies

Rawwater can customise the training courses and workshops based on specific requirements. If you are interested in the training courses that we provide, please contact us.

View details of our Souring Control Training Workshop.

Bioreactor suite

DynamicTVS© training

Our Souring Forecasting Workshops introduce DynamicTVS© to enable clients to run their own sour gas planning scenarios.