Case Study

Case Study

Even Earlier Oilfield Reservoir Souring Forecasting Provides Operator with Greater Insight


A leading oil operator with assets in the North Sea wanted guidance regarding the likelihood of future microbiological souring at the earliest stages of field planning and development, long before production commenced from new discoveries. This knowledge would enable the operator to consider cost-effective mitigation strategies much sooner than previously possible, with the potential to save significant sums over the operational life of an asset.


The operator sought to better understand if new discoveries were likely souring candidates well in advance of full reservoir modelling and commencement of production. Until now, however, the earliest point at which meaningful souring forecasting could take place was when a full reservoir simulator was in place and production profiles determined.


Committed to providing operators and service companies with the earliest possible insight into whether or not their oilfield assets would sour and to what degree, Rawwater further developed its industry-leading DynamicTVS© predictive oilfield reservoir souring software modelling program to offer meaningful guidance with regard to future microbiological souring in the absence of a full reservoir flow simulator. Conceived more than 30 years ago and continually updated, DynamicTVS© contains unrivalled levels of oilfield souring data. The program uses operational, planning and survey data from all stages of oil production to generate future profiles of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

With such an extensive souring database to hand, Rawwater was able to use known field parameters from the asset in question to establish the key characteristics necessary for microbiological reservoir souring at very early planning and development decision gates. This enabled Rawwater to provide the operator with a well-considered qualitative forecast as to the likelihood of low, intermediate or high souring occurring at a future date. Some months later, when the full reservoir simulator was up and running, and the simulated injection and production profiles had been determined, Rawwater then carried out a full reservoir souring forecast using DynamicTVS©, enabling a quantitative forecast with absolute confidence as to whether or not microbially induced souring would occur and, if so, to what extent.


Rawwater’s ability to provide the earliest possible indication of future souring equipped the operator with previously unobtainable data at initial planning stages, enabling timely mitigation strategies to be considered and put in place. The process used can be applied to any oilfield asset globally. As the leading specialist in oilfield reservoir souring simulation and forecasting, Rawwater is recognised as providing its global customer base with the knowledge to make early, informed and highly cost-effective decisions regarding microbiological oilfield reservoir souring.

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DynamicTVS© provides for early, informed and highly cost-effective decisions regarding microbiological oilfield reservoir souring.