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Sealing With Integrity:
Rawwater To Present At The OGTC Alternative P&A Barrier Collaboration Group Meeting – 11th February 2020, Aberdeen, Scotland

In the drive to provide a superior oil & gas well plugging and abandonment medium to cement, with the added cost-saving of rigless application, various organisations are either offering or developing alternative alloy-based barrier materials.

There is, however, only one Rawwater: inventors of the Bismuth Plug and creators of the world’s first ‘anticipated’ 3,000-year-life underwater cast metal seal. (As certified by Bureau Veritas as fit-for-purpose for extreme life applications in the oil and gas industry and qualified to V0, the highest rating of ISO 14310.)

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We have also successfully deployed bismuth alloy seals in onshore wells in Alberta, Canada, at 1000' depth and 1000psi pressure differential. An earlier world-first for Rawwater, the deployment resulted in the launch of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to develop offshore P&A tools.

At the OGTC Alternative P&A Barrier Collaboration Group Meeting on 11th February, our founder and managing director, Professor Bob Eden PhD, will bust the myths surrounding the use and capabilities of expanding alloy seals for P&A applications.

He’ll expand on volumetric expansion through downhole pressure and temperature, discuss alloy development and touch on the uncompromising qualification trials that Rawwater-developed alloys are being subjected to for oil & gas, nuclear and defence applications. In a sector where knowledge and expertise are key, he will also dispel rumours that Rawwater is in cahoots with other P&A technology vendors.

The Rawwater solution

Recognising the need for a specialist alternative plugging medium to cement, Rawwater has been investigating the use of bismuth alloys for almost twenty years. The result is a suite of proprietary expanding metal alloys for onshore, offshore and subsea plugging and abandonment. The alloy properties of low melting point and expansion upon solidification enable these high integrity seals to be cast in-situ, without the inherent creep issues typical of bismuth tin.

Operating envelopes to 320°F (160°C)

Operating envelopes cover downhole geothermal temperature conditions from 158 - 194°F (70 - 90°C) and 284 - 320°F (140 - 160°C). Each alloy has been subjected to a strict technical qualification programme overseen by Bureau Veritas and Oil & Gas UK. The application includes both casing plugs and plugs/seals in undefined and/or rough walled geometries.
Rawwater Bismuth Plugs have been certified to ISO 14310 V0 rating (no gas leak), with a differential pressure resistance of 6,000psi (>400bar).

For more information about Rawwater’s high integrity seals for use in plugging and abandonment, email: info@rawwater.com