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Game Changer!
Presenting our ideas at Nuclear Frontiers.

3 March 2020 – University of Birmingham.

We’re looking forward to presenting the latest developments in our pioneering Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) programme at Nuclear Frontiers – the NWDRF’s annual showcase for research and development in nuclear decommissioning and waste management.

With support from the National Nuclear Laboratory/FIS360 Game Changers innovation programme, we have utilised our expertise in oil & gas well plugging and abandonment using low melting point alloys, to develop a range of technologies and application techniques for various nuclear decommissioning challenges.

These include an in-situ metal casting technique that can be used in air or underwater for the rapid repair of cracks in civil structures; technologies for in-situ repairs to cracked tubes, pipes and fittings; a novel means of encapsulating various materials using a low temperature metallic deposition system, and self-healing seals for use in areas at risk of seismic activity.

Together with other inspiring Game Changers, we’re helping provide new solutions to decommissioning challenges.

To find out more about Molten Metal Manipulation for the nuclear industry, email: info@rawwater.com