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Recognising achievement, rewarding talent - meet our two new Project Officers

Please join us in congratulating Muna Mohamud and Kerry Lillis, both of whom have been promoted to the role of Acting Project Officer at Rawwater.

Kerry and Muna“With a range of new projects coming on board,” comments Senior Project Officer, Matt Streets, “we considered it important to recruit from within, recognising and rewarding the skills and achievements of existing team members.”

In their new roles, Muna and Kerry - who both joined Rawwater a little over two years ago - will be directly involved in the setting up, running, analysis and reporting of pressurised bioreactor studies for oil and gas customers worldwide.

Before joining Rawwater, Muna was engaged as a biobank technician at Astra Zeneca, while Kerry was involved in the R&D of technical medical fabrics at Nonwovenn. As part of their personal development, they will also be trained in additional skills and will shortly complete NEBOSH training in Workplace Safety and Health to become Rawwater Health & Safety Officers.

“Rawwater is genuinely committed to supporting the personal and professional development of its staff members,” says Kerry. “You’re never seen as just a number, there is always the opportunity to discuss ideas, career progression and individual goals.”

“At Rawwater, you always feel valued and that a worthwhile career development path lies ahead of you,” adds Muna. “Plus, we are both part of a fantastic, friendly and highly supportive team, where employee well-being is always put first.”