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Across the globe, Rawwater's activities in reservoir souring & simulation services, well technology and metal seals & encapsulation are making a real impact. To keep up to speed with our innovations and achievements, please bookmark our news page and visit it regularly.

Rawwater appoints Transafrique as its agent for oilfield reservoir souring services in Nigeria

26 September 2022

We have appointed Transafrique Logistic Services Ltd of Port Harcourt as our official agent for oilfield reservoir souring forecasting and simulation services in Nigeria.

Rawwater Urges Operators To Make Unexpected Souring ‘Expected’ As Shut-In Oil Reservoirs Are Brought Back Online

18 July 2022

As the ongoing rise in oil price makes it increasingly attractive for decommissioned and shut-in assets to be brought back into service, Rawwater urges operators and service companies to ensure that reservoir souring evaluation is completed as part of the due diligence process.

Rawwater to present at 2022 Microbiology Network Research in Progress meeting

09 June 2022

Head of Scientific Division and Senior Research Scientist, Matt Streets, will be presenting at this year's Microbiology Network Research in Progress meeting at the University of Huddersfield on 30th June and 1st July.

Understanding the microbiology of Carbon Capture Storage: Rawwater to establish pioneering research hub

22 April 2022

Rawwater is establishing a flagship Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) R&D Hub at its Warrington-based HQ.

Visit marks Rawwater's development of unique metal seals for TEPCO and Sellafield decommissioning activities

22 April 2022

7 April 2022 - UK-based seal and defect repair specialist Rawwater Applied Technology Ltd, today welcomed delegates from National Nuclear Laboratory Ltd (NNL) and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to its Warrington facility.

Rawwater appoints Malaysian agent for oilfield reservoir souring services

29 November 2021

We are pleased to announce that OGM (Oil and Gas Management) has been appointed as the official agent for Rawwater’s oilfield reservoir souring simulation and forecasting services in Malaysia.

National Grid Trials Rawwater's Novel Greenhouse Gas Sealing Capabilities

23 November 2021

National Grid is collaborating with Rawwater Applied Technology, to trial our novel M3 Molten Metal Manipulation leak sealing capabilities.

From butterfly transects to microbial life: What a transformation!

06 July 2021

Please join us in wishing Ella Mingay, our Junior Project Technician Intern, every success for the future as she leaves Rawwater this week.

Rawwater's Pressurised Bioreactor Facility Contributes To Major Souring Treatment Studies

21 June 2021

As the leading authority in the field of oilfield reservoir souring forecasting, simulation and mitigation, our knowledge and expertise is gaining attention.

Even earlier oilfield reservoir souring forecasting by Rawwater provides operators with greater insight

06 April 2021

A recent enhancement to the industry-leading DynamicTVS© predictive software modelling program, means operators will now be able to gain a good indication as to whether or not their reservoirs are likely souring candidates.

The Power Of Three: Anglo-Norwegian Consortium Brings Complete Controllability To Use Of Bismuth As Plugging & Abandonment Medium

05 March 2021

A collaboration between UK-based Rawwater Engineering Company Limited, Aarbakke Innovation AS and K2 Oilfield Services AS to establish Anglo-Norwegian consortium, Wellstrøm AS, has resulted in the creation of superior, highly controllable bismuth alloy-based plugging & abandonment techniques for the global oil and gas industries.

500 years and counting:
Rawwater accrues 500 years’ worth of oilfield reservoir souring data

08 January 2021

Rawwater have amassed the equivalent of 500 years’ worth of oilfield souring data

Understanding microbial community dynamics in up-flow bioreactors to improve mitigation strategies for oil souring

15 December 2020

We are proud to have played a key role in a major, peer-reviewed study involving the use of pressurised up-flow bioreactors at our reservoir souring research facility.

Former National Nuclear Laboratory Account Director heads up new technology company at Rawwater

03 December 2020

Kat Lennox, previously employed as account director with the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), has joined Rawwater Applied Technology Ltd as managing director.

Recognising achievement, rewarding talent - meet our two new Project Officers

22 October 2020

Muna Mohamud and Kerry Lillis have both been promoted to the role of Acting Project Officer at Rawwater.

Looking forward to the 2020 Reservoir Microbiology Forum

22 October 2020

We are attending the Energy Institute 2020 Reservoir Microbiology Forum on the 11th and 12th November

Better understanding the hydraulically fractured shale ecosystem

24 October 2018

Academic collabrator, Dr Sophie Nixon, presented research on microbial biofouling during shale gas extraction at the 2018 Reservoir Microbiology Forum

Rawwater accrues the most extensive oilfield souring dataset

15 October 2018

On 9th October 2018, our pressurised bioreactor laboratories accrued the equivalent of 400 years' worth of oilfield souring data.

Dynamic TVS souring model saves over $100 million

01 September 2018

Rawwater has used its reservoir souring forecasting model to provide a leading operator with savings estimated to exceed $100 million.