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13 March 2020: we have just been informed that due to the current situation with COVID-19, the National Physical Laboratory’s Innovation Showcase event has been postponed. We fully support the organisers in taking this course of action, putting the welfare of all those who planned to attend first.

The event was due to take place in Teddington on 18 March 2020, when our Managing Director, Prof. Bob Eden PhD, was to be one of a number of specially chosen storytellers – inspiring innovators with ideas that could change the world.

Bob EdenBob’s talk would have included our Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) programme – a range of specially created low melting point alloys and application techniques for nuclear decommissioning challenges. He was also going to touch on our development of the Instant Metal Patch (IMP) back-pack for emergency leak repairs on military vehicles, as well as the various opportunities M3 could bring to humanitarian aid.

But of course, all that can wait for now. After all, what can be more important than helping to keep people safe and healthy? So while we’re sorry that we won’t meet colleagues old and new in Teddington next week, we’re looking forward to attending the NPL Innovation Showcase at a future date.

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