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URGENT – Help Us To Protect Health Care Staff From COVID-19

Our 3-D printed 'click-fit' visor for frontline healthcare staff is currently on wearability and functionality trials in the community.  

This visor is different to other 3-D models under rapid development. The click-fit requires neither thin plastic sheet nor an associated laser cutter, and therefore independent of that supply chain.

Bob Eden

Prof. Bob Eden, Founder and MD

The click-fit design uses readily available, optically clear disposable film. It is comfortable to wear, lightweight (less than 90g) and does not mist up. It can be worn over other eyewear and does not impede the vision or movement of the wearer.

We are currently looking to work with organisations that have 3-D development capabilities, as well as plastic film producers, all on a pro-bono basis to further develop our design. The final design will be injection moulded.

We are giving our time freely, not taking an IP position and will provide open source code to enable ongoing Darwinian development/adaptation as the basis for an injection moulded unit.

If you can assist, or for more info, please call: 01925 768910 or email: info@rawwater.com