Molten Metal Manipulation

M3 for Defence

The Instant Metal Patch (IMP)

The Instant Metal Patch (IMP) is a ‘man-portable’ emergency metal spray kit for repairing damage to operational equipment in the field. It uses Rawwater’s proven Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) technology and only requires an external power source and compressed air.

The metal spray solidifies instantly over the damaged area to seal holes, cracks and positive & negative pressure leaks. It could also be used to seal leaks from fuel tanks – without the need to degas.

Moreover, once the metal spray has been applied, it can be removed just as easily, using a straightforward low temperature technique. So, when the equipment is back at base, a permanent repair can be made.

A self-contained unit, requiring only minimal user training, the IMP can be deployed in challenging environments to return operationally effective equipment back into the hands of the user.

Example applications include:

  • Repairs to metal castings and blocks (gearboxes and engine casings)
  • Repairs to fuel lines, tanks and tankers
  • Repairs to vehicle radiators, hydraulic/pneumatic systems and pipes
IMP Back Pack

The IMP is being developed for use in the field – for emergency repairs to leaks and failed seals on operational equipment.