Molten Metal Manipulation

M3 for Defence

Rawwater Hydraulic Displacement

Our Hydraulic Displacement process applies low melting point molten alloy in a fluid state, pumping it - under pressure - to fill cracks, displace liquids and create watertight seals. For sealing or reinforcing failing pipes and flanges, we would typically use our novel molten alloy casting collar technique. For applications near to atmospheric pressure and temperature, we typically use sub-100°C melting point alloys. This avoids boiling any water that comes into contact with the alloy, in order to prevent the creation of gaseous bubbles. The alloy is easily removed by reheating.

Example applications include:

  • Crack repairs in civil structures
  • Crack repairs in containment ponds
  • Crack repairs in nuclear spent fuel pools
  • The repair of failed seals
  • Underwater crack sealing
  • The temporary/permanent repair of pipes and flanges
pipeline offshore

M3 molten alloy fills cracks, displaces liquids and creates watertight seals.