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At Rawwater we've built our reputation on providing world-class solutions for the oil & gas industry. Our UK-based pressurised bioreactor laboratories set the standard in souring forecasting. We invented the Bismuth Plug and pioneered metal-to-metal plugging technologies for oil and gas well abandonments. From our technology centre in the UK we bring new levels of understanding to reservoir souring and provide metal-to-metal sealing - in the extreme.

Contract research and consultancy

We give operators the information they need to make informed, cost-effective decisions. Our work includes contract research and consultancy in the fields of materials science, well technology and water management. We combine engineering with reservoir microbiology to deliver solutions for facilities design, oilfield souring, biofouling and microbial corrosion. Our DynamicTVS© (Thermal Viability Shell) souring model can determine if, when and to what extent a reservoir will sour.

The 3,000-year-life cast metal seal

Onshore, offshore and subsea, we are recognised for our expertise in the development and application of molten bismuth alloys as a superior alternative to cement for plugging and abandonment. We have also created the world's first 'anticipated' 3,000-year-life underwater cast metal seal. The metallurgy has been certified by Bureau Veritas as fit-for-purpose for extreme life applications in the oil and gas industry and qualified to the V0 (highest rating) of ISO 14310.

Secure, high integrity reversible coatings and seals

Maximising our knowledge of metal-to-metal plugging technologies, we are developing a process we call Molten Metal Manipulation (M3). Using specially developed alloy classes that can be applied in air or underwater, we offer secure, high strength, reversible metal seals that can be used for sealing, encapsulation and for repairing leaks and cracks in storage tanks and civil structures. We have also developed a novel method of encapsulating materials using a low temperature metallic deposition system.

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Our reputation is built on providing world-class solutions for the oil & gas industry in research, forecasting and novel technologies.

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